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In September

September has flown by! We started by booking one or two shows and then everything spiraled out of control! Heater Girl had six amazing shows: First at Vapour Central with the fabulous Warren McGoey and Bank Machine among a hazy host of others. I broke a string on my guitar two songs in and had to borrow Warren’s guitar, Jessica. It [...]


Hello, I am Stoo

Hello, I am Stoo. I represent another third of the band Heater Girl.  The third that plays the drums and occasionally handles the recording.   Darren and Aaron are such nice boys and a real thrill with which to play.  They are both fine songwriters and instrumentalists with solid professional attitudes and pleasant personal odours.  Aaron [...]

An Introduction and A Promise

Greetings Heater Girl fans (aka Margie), I’m Aaron Florendo, guitarist/bassist/vocalist and one third of Heater Girl. Well, assuming we’re measuring by contribution. If we’re going by volume I’m probably less than a quarter or something (a short-and-scrawny joke at my own expense, not a fat joke at my bandmates’). At the behest of our webmaster [...]

Shows in September!

Hang on to your butts as Heater Girl takes on Toronto: Friday, September 2nd — Vapour Central, 667 Yonge St Upstairs. With Warren McGoey and others. Friday, September 9th — Skal Rock Bar, 474 Adelaide St E. Skal’s second anniversary party, celebrating 3 years of awesome. Featuring a pile of bands and givaways. More details [...]


Congratulations! You have discovered Heater, your one stop shop for all your Heater Girl tracks and news. The site is still under construction, so bear with us for the next month while we add bios and showtimes. We’re currently booking shows for September and beyond, but in the meantime you can catch us at [...]