Hello, I am Stoo

Hello, I am Stoo.

I represent another third of the band Heater Girl.  The third that plays the drums and occasionally handles the recording.   Darren and Aaron are such nice boys and a real thrill with which to play.  They are both fine songwriters and instrumentalists with solid professional attitudes and pleasant personal odours.  Aaron is much shorter than Darren and when they switch up on vocals I sometimes have to adjust the microphone stand so he doesn’t have to play on his toes.  This is the only real source of frustration for me.  Darren makes faces at me when he plays bass.  I think they are both dorks.

I am looking forward to the many shows he have coming up.

I am looking forward to recording an full length album of boss material in the very near future.  It will glorious.

Aaron dresses better than the rest of us.  Darren has the funniest shirts.  I have the sluttiest facial hair.

We are great.

If you see me at any of our gigs do not approach me or try to feed my crackers.  I will only want to talk about whatever video game I’m playing or how no politicians know how to dance.  Well not anymore anyway.

Sincerely Yours,

or a heinous lie for anyone else.


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