Heater History, Part I: Start Spreading the News

Hey Heater people,

This is the first installment of what is looking to be a rather large and unwieldy series of posts about how Heater Girl first formed. Okay, here goes…

While we’ve only been a band since early this year, the harbingers of our formation go back to early 2009. At the time, I was living and going to school in Mississauga. I was a bit active in the local music scene during highschool but since starting university in 06 I hadn’t been playing shows or writing at all. I still practiced everyday at home, but between being busy with school and unable to find a consistent band to jam with, music was falling by the wayside for me.

Then, in the wake of a particularly difficult time for me personally (which I won’t be getting in to), my brother Angelo, knowing how disillusioned I’d become with Mississauga, asked if I would want to move back to our hometown with him. Our hometown, of course, being the very heart of it: Toronto, Ontario. I jumped at the opportunity. Within a little more then two weeks of my brother making the offer, we were moving into a second-floor apartment in Parkdale.

I spent the first few months back in the city unemployed and without many friends in the area. For a good while my days were filled with job hunting (which I treated as a full-time job) and practicing guitar at home, interspersed with the occasional visit from friends back in Mississauga. It was only after finding a job in July of that year and actually having the money to move about the city and buy the odd pint that I started playing at open mics around my neighbourhood. I spent months just working and playing, open mic nights being the only thing I looked forward to every week. Admittedly though, I was playing covers exclusively and still hadn’t begun writing again.

Then my brother told me about an open mic in the east end that one of his friends from university frequented. Being a relatively-new yet already-proud Parkdalian, I balked at going further east of Yonge for an open mic (or for any reason really). But my brother insisted. “Trust me,” he said, “this guy is worth seeing.” So some Sunday night late in the fall of 09, my brother and I headed out to the Brass Taps open mic. This is where I’d first meet Darren Hutz.


to be continued next week with Heater History, Part II: East End Boy.


wishing you all contentment and cotton candy,


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