In September

September has flown by! We started by booking one or two shows and then everything spiraled out of control!

Heater Girl had six amazing shows: First at Vapour Central with the fabulous Warren McGoey and Bank Machine among a hazy host of others. I broke a string on my guitar two songs in and had to borrow Warren’s guitar, Jessica. It was certainly our second worst show ever, the worst one being the show we played at Skal less than a week after forming.  We had enough supporters that we got some applause, which is more than you can expect for playing a marijuana den.

A week later at we retook the very same Skal stage for their anniversary show, joined by a pile of bands including our old pals BattlePlan. The last time we were there, we thought we could pull off an hour worth of original material based one most of a week of teaching each other the set and vague recollections of  “getting it right” at couple drunken open mic jams. This time we would have a few… oh, what do you call them… REHEARSALS under our belt. I arrived at the venue after a full shift at work, then an MRI at the local hospital. I was hopped up on antibiotics for my absessed tooth and relying on my trusty girlfriend’s bike to get be from point A through points B, C, and if necessary, D. We played just shy half an hour around midnight and I had to bolt home, sleep and be back at work for 6:45 AM. That friday was the beginning of the longest week of the year.

That Sunday, we opened for the smooth tones of the Alex Bien Band at the Cloak and Dagger. We would see them a few days later , opening for us at the Detour in Kensington Market. But wait, I’m forgetting a show. Heater Girl opened for Stoo’s side project, Johnny Awesome and the Good Tones at their Not My Dog September Monday Night Residency. Stoo doesn’t consider it a side project, but I’ll agree to disagree with him on it.

Did I mention that on the morning of the Wednesday I did a road test in Aurora? Got my G! WOO HOO! I would use my mom’s trusty Sunfire to ferry drums to Detour that night, then the Johnny Awesome Squad and Aaron to play frosh week up at Georgian in Barrie on Thursday. We totally came in and parked illegally like rock stars and I had the Campus Po right up my bum right from the start. Guy was all hassling me for my student card and shit and I was all like “I’m with the band, I don’t go to your shitty ass school.” They did pat downs at the front door of the “bar” Stoo was playing at, one of the bouncers told me it was because, “you guys keep sneaking in stuff.” I was like “not me guys!.” I felt sooooo cool.

It wasn’t long until I was feeling not so cool. I brought the Darren Hutz Solo Acoustic Revue to the Vapour Lounge joining Bank Machine and others. They plugged my telecaster, an electric guitar, right into the soundboard and I couldn’t hear what I was playing even slightly. Everyone assured me that they could hear the guitar in the crowd but nobody could tell me what it sounded like. I tried to soldier on, but I couldn’t. That stage broke me. My playing degenerated into a slurry of Dave Matthews Band riffs. I was shaking as I left the stage. Apparently the night was in sponsorship of some fringe political party, so the entire thing was live streamed across the country.  I ran screaming into the night. I didn’t even ask about money on my way out. I didn’t deserve it. I will forever have nightmares of that sonic black hole in a room full of people watching, but never clapping.

The next day Heater Girl played at a party at Bank Machine’s pad. Warren and his boys We Are French closed out the night, and I hear it went exactly as planned. I had to bail due to impending morning work. Monday of that week I had my very first root canal! I closed out the month with a Darren Hutz Solo Acoustic Revue on the last Monday of the Johnny Awesome residency when an opening act failed to report.

So there  you have it. Six Heater Girl shows. Two Darren Hutz Solo Acoustic Revues. Stoo had five Johnny Awesome and the Good Tones shows, and I think Aaron even played a few times with the Alex Bien Band outside of the bills they shared with Heater Girl. The most prolific handful of live music I’ve ever put together.  And I made it, with the exception of half of my back left molar.

Thanks for everyone who came to the shows. Thanks to everyone who bought the T-Shirts! I’m riding high on some seriously positive waves! But things continue to happen! Nuit Blanche! Hitting the Stoodio! I’ll keep you posted!

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