Trapped in a New Scene is a song by Octoberman

…I bumped into MIP (of  the Mip Power Trio) busking at Nuit Blanche with her bassist Greg. I joined their merry band of minstrels, and provided MIP with a microphone and some tasty lead guitar. We formed a supergroup, called either The Mip Battery Powered Trio (onna counta Greg n’ me running on battery powered amplifiers) or the name Greg suggested, Mip and the Triettes. I played most of the night in a masking tape mushroom.

That’s all I have time to recount, but I’ll post about Nuit Blargche once I’ve obtained some footage. Onward through the ongoing history of Heater Girl!

Here’s some future history for you:

We’ve got two shows for October. One at Not My Dog on Saturday the 15th or 12th (depending on which of those days is on a Saturday).  With We Are French. It’s a going away party for Jeff! Oh you’d totally know Jeff. He’s that dude that’s sometimes out on the patio, then he’s sometimes in the bar, super cool dude. You’d probably know him if you saw him. And its his going away party. I don’t know where he is going, but it will hard to fill the void that he will leave behind. Stoo will likely seem to be fashionably late, but then he won’t show up at all, so Aaron and I will be flying as our acoustic duo project, Aaron and the Darronovskis.

The second show I definitely remember both the number and the day. It is for sure a Wednesday, and it is certainly the 19th at the Detour Bar in Kensington again! WooHoo! That is all that I know for now. I’ll post back with details as I receive them.

In other news, Heater Girl will begin recording their first album. I’m pretty jazzed about it. We’ll probably do one show in November, at The Central with an aforementioned band, but that’ll be all because half the band is moving.

December though, will be a big month. Expect us playing at a dive near you! We’ll be loaded with fresh material, armed with an album for you to suckle your earmouths on and T-shirts you can totally wear home to Mom.

I’ve still got some more for you, but its 6 AM on a saturday, and I have to go to work. Not Rock and Roll.


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