We tried everything to relieve Stoo of his bizarre illness, but even that voodoo medicine powder Aaron retrieved from Antarctica (which I think was just peanut butter chocolate chips and baking soda. Damn Antarctic charlatans!). One day he let out an ear-blistering belch and bazing! He was back to normal. Turns out it was just gas!

With Stoo back up and running, we can safely return the album status from DYING ON THE COUCH to ALMOST DONE. It would make more sense is you could see the lever. It’s all mixing and printing from here on!

Doesn’t look like we’ll have any more shows for February, but expect a big event in March when the album comes out!

For April, we’re tentatively penciled in for an opening slot for the MIP Power Trio April residency at Not My Dog. I  feel like we don’t play there enough. Officially, we at Heater Girl do not care for MIP, but her Power Trio’s Power residency tour of Not My Dog Fridays will almost certainly keep me coming back all April, and you should definitely check it out.

In other news, I have been absorbed into Johnny Awesome and the Good Tones! I’ll be picking up the bass and playing it! I’m giggling like a guinea pig!


Yo ho! Revengening we go!

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