Heater History, Part IX: The Inception of Heater Girl

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With Stoo officially on board with LexiContraBand and the show at Skal fast approaching, the three of us just couldn’t seem to get our schedules to work. With less than a week left before the show, we had only one session together with the whole lineup. And even then, for reasons I can’t quite recall anymore, we spent that session doing recordings for two of my songs (which were still intended to be part of my solo EP) rather than actually rehearsing our setlist.


Though Stoo already knew a bunch of my songs from rehearsals leading up to our recording, he’d never actually learned any of Darren’s songs. So one afternoon, while I was away at school, the two of them went over all of Darren’s material. That was two days before the show. One day before the show, Darren and I sat in his living room with two guitars and a bass and ran the entirety of our set (which, if memory serves, hovered around 18-20 songs total).  Those two days represented the only preparation we made for our first show.


But before we get to that fated performance, I should talk about the band name. Yes, Darren had obliged me and my ridiculous portmanteau of LexiContraBand, but he had still been spending slow days at work brainstorming other band names. One night at the NMD open mic, he began telling me a bunch of the names he had been coming up with. Heater Girl, the etymology of which I am still not savvy to but is apparently rooted in a work story for Darren, immediately jumped out to me and I said as much. But all the promotional material had already been printed and posted on facebook with us billed as LexiContraBand, so we decided to stick with it at least until after the show.


Then the actual night of the show at Skal, Darren showed up with a t-shirt reading “Heater Girl.” On top of that, I heard people try to read our name off the posters out loud for the first time, and not a once did anyone say it correctly, the most common mispronunciation being “Lexy Contraband”, more goth pornstar than clever play on words. I took this as a sign and admitted to Darren that the name change should happen ASAP, posters be damned. So while on stage, right before playing our first song ever as a band, not even ever rehearsing with all three of us together, we changed our band name. We then proceeded to play perhaps the worst show that I have ever participated in. Perhaps that I have ever witnessed. I am proud to say, at least, that it remains the worst show we have ever played. That whole rehearsing thing helped us a lot.


And there you have it. Over the year since that show, from such humble and unassuming begins, we have sky-sauntered to humble and unassuming success. We just finished our very first residency together at the end of last month (and many thanks again to all who showed up for any one of those nights) and are currently on the verge of completing our first album. We even have tentative tracklists going for our next few recordings on the go. And I have to say, this last year has easily been the best one of my life, thanks in large part to my amazing friends who I get to play music with between both Heater Girl and the Alex Bien Band. And so goes the history of Heater Girl, a band so important and influential that their history totally demands a nine-part retrospective. This was a worthy endeavor.



next time, something completely different.



wishing you all contentment and cotton candy,


Aaron “Danger Friend” Florendo

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