Introducing: Heater Hot Seat

Hey Heaterfolks,

I’m lucky enough to know a lot of awesome musicians in the city. I think you should all know them too. Since the conclusion of Heater History, I’ve been working on a bit of an ambitious and unwieldy project with the other members of Heater Girl and some of our close associates. This project has been dubbed Heater Hot Seat.

HHS will be an interview series featuring a few of our favourite bands in our little circle in Toronto. During these interviews, I will maintain absolutely no level of journalistic objectivity and never attempt to hide the fact that I already love the music of whomever I happen to be interviewing. In addition to the interview writeup, a video will be posted of the bands playing a song or two (expertly and graciously shot by Warren McGoey of Mass Transit Films and mixed by our very own Stoo Byfield). Our goal: shameless self-promotion for both ourselves and our friends’ bands. Because press is hard to come by and I can’t seem to get arrested in this town. Also, no one seems to give a crap about my sex tape.

Heater Hot Seat will be launching immediately, the first installment being posted today along with this intro. I hope you all make use of these opportunities to become a bit more acquainted with some of the great talent our fair city has to offer. I have no reservations in saying that all the bands featured will be wicked-awesome.

wishing you all contentment and cotton candy,

Aaron “Danger Friend” Florendo

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