An Introduction and A Promise

Greetings Heater Girl fans (aka Margie),

I’m Aaron Florendo, guitarist/bassist/vocalist and one third of Heater Girl. Well, assuming we’re measuring by contribution. If we’re going by volume I’m probably less than a quarter or something (a short-and-scrawny joke at my own expense, not a fat joke at my bandmates’). At the behest of our webmaster (aka Margie), I’m posting here for the first time. The first of what I hope will be many times in the coming months.

See, I’ve set a bit of a goal for myself: to have new content – baked fresh, warm, and gooey out of the oven – up on this site on a weekly basis. Margie went through all this trouble to put together this great website and I wouldn’t want all that effort to be for naught. So here I am, putting myself out on the raggedy edge, making a claim to the public which I cannot retract. Once a week. Scout’s honour. I’m not actually a scout, but you know what I mean.

While I am wholly committed to this project, I found myself dogged with the issue of what I could possibly write about. I’m honestly not so interesting or opinionated a person that I could sustain a weekly blog based solely on my thoughts, nor would I want to to contribute to the already grotesquely large blob of “this-is-what-I-did-today” that looms so heavy over the internet. Truth be told, Heater Girl functions so smoothly and civilly that if I were to document our weekly goings-on, all I’d be writing all the time would be, “We rehearsed. It went fine. Any disagreements were minor and dealt with quickly and amicably. Then we played card games and had some drinks.” Every week, without fail. While I realize that I am blessed to be working with two such talented and affable musicians, our interactions wouldn’t make for particularly interesting reading. Our reality TV show would be the worst.

That being said, there is quite a bit of drama and intrigue at the heart of our band’s origins. Though we are great friends now and have been playing as Heater Girl for over a year, a mere two years ago both Darren and Stoo were strangers to me. Weird to think considering the prominent places they both now hold in my life, not only as valued and esteemed collaborators but as dear and irreplaceable friends.

So I’ve decided that my first series of posts here shall tell the tale (or at least my side of the tale) of how we three met and came to form the merry band of brigands you all know and love as Heater Girl. Hang on to your hats, people, this baby’s about to hit 88mph.

Starting next week, I’ll detail my initial move back to Toronto and my first forays into its lush and complex open mic scene with Part I: Start Spreading the News. See you all then.

Wishing you all contentment and cotton candy,


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