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Heater History, Part IX: The Inception of Heater Girl

one last time, the previous entry can be found here:   With Stoo officially on board with LexiContraBand and the show at Skal fast approaching, the three of us just couldn’t seem to get our schedules to work. With less than a week left before the show, we had only one session together with the […]


We tried everything to relieve Stoo of his bizarre illness, but even that voodoo medicine powder Aaron retrieved from Antarctica (which I think was just peanut butter chocolate chips and baking soda. Damn Antarctic charlatans!). One day he let out an ear-blistering belch and bazing! He was back to normal. Turns out it was just […]


Oh my it has been busy at Heater Girl lately! But now is no time for idle talk, only UPDATES! !) Not My Dog Residency! One More Left! We’ve been playing every Tuesday but the first at Not My Dog and enjoying unprecedented levels of success.  I want to thank some awesome music people: The […]